Jinjiang Inn Beijing Wangfujing

No. 75, Dengshikou Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Beijing China

By booking now on Jin Jiang website, you will get a 10% discount. Jinjiang Inn Beijing Wangfujing is located on Wangfujing Commercial and Pedestrian Street in the heart of Beijing. As the most famous commercial street in Beijing, Wangfujing enjoys the reputation of China's Most Famous Commercial Street, and it is also a classical symbol of Beijing. Jinjiang Inn Beijing Wangfujing is adjacent to Tiananmen Square, the Imperial Palace, Beihai Park, Houhai and other tourist attractions. China's Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, China Disabled Persons Federation, National Art Museum of China, Beijing People's Art Theatre, Union Hospital, Tongren Hospital, Beijing Hospital, the obstetrics and gynecology hospital, Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other hospitals famous nationwide are in close proximity. The Hotel is only 5 minutes walk from Metro Line 5, 10 minutes drive from Beijing Station, and 45 minutes drive from the Capital Airport. In the surrounding area, there are complete catering, recreation and shopping facilities, and convenient transportation. In the Hotel guest rooms, the high-quality beddings, free Internet access, luxurious showering equipments, comfortable office tables and chairs, and rich satellite broadcasting TV programs are provided. In addition, the accommodation guests can enjoy the elegant business atmosphere, WIFI smooth access and other characteristic services, allowing you to have an all-round enjoyment of the great originality and unique charm of Jinjiang Inn. Jinjiang Inn is the best and happiest harbor during your trip. Jinjiang Inn Beijing Wangfujing has business rooms and standard business suites customized for business persons. Standing in the room, you can have view of the beautiful and prosperous Wangfujing Pedestrian Street. In the business room, the writing function is spacious and all of your mobile office demands are met with good preparation by the Hotel. In order to enable you to have more sufficient energy in work on the next day, the Hotel has specially designed unit bathroom for business person, enough to eliminate the fatigue after whole day's working; we have specially selected comfortable mattress for you, which is supported with Somerelle quilt to keep warm and Somerelle pillow to protect your noble neck, so that you can sleep well; the entire room highlights humanized and professional design, so that you can feel like staying in the fresh and elegant home. In terms of safety, the Hotel engineer has well considered for you. Every part of the Hotel's building has passed strict strength test; and strong infrared ray anti-theft system & comprehensive control system has been established, so that you can feel assured during the stay; in addition, all decorations and furniture of the Hotel have passed strict environmental detection, thus reliable guarantee has been provided for your healthy accommodation; the Hotel also spares on efforts in preparing your next breakfast. Calculated by Jinjiang Chef nutritionist, your nutrition for a whole day can be obtained from over 21 kinds of food in breakfast, adding guarantee for your health. Welcome to Jinjiang Inn Beijing Wangfujing.

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No. 75, Dengshikou Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing


39° 55' 7.324" N, 116° 24' 46.807" E


Telefon: 010-85111100

Fax: 010-85111100

E-Mail: cc@jj-inn.com

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