Jinjiang Inn Chengdu Chunxi Road Wangfujing

No. 30, Fuxing Street, Side Gate of Wangfujing, North Exit of Chunxi Road

Chengdu China

By booking now on Jin Jiang website, you will get a 10% discount. Jinjiang Inn Chengdu Wangfujing Chunxi Road is located at No. 30, Fuxing Street, Side Gate of Wangfujing, North Exit of Chunxi Road, which is the famous commercial street third largest in China and largest in the west region. The Hotel is surrounded by numerous scenic spots, with many beautifies gathering here and provided with a full set of catering, shopping and recreational facilities in the neighborhood, making it extremely convenient. Transportation: Chunxi Road Station of Metro Line 2: 1km from the Hotel and 1 station distance from Tianfu Square Station of Metro (transfer station of Metro Line 1 and 2); East Railway Station and North Railway Station: 8km from the East Station and 6km from the North Railway Station. It takes 15mins to take a taxi to the Hotel at the fare of RMB15; Shuangliu International Airport: 19km from the Hotel, and it takes 30mins to take a taxi to the Hotel; or you can take the Airport Shuttle Bus to Minshan Hotel and take the subway or take a taxi to the Hotel. Within 200 meters range, there is Bus Line 4, 8, 58, 81 and 98. When driving a car, you can directly navigate to and search Chengdu Chunxi Road Wangfujing to the Hotel. Tourist attractions around the Hotel: Chunxi Road: Turn left from the Hotel and cross the overpass, then you will reach Chunxi Road, the business card in western part and a prosperous place with extremely high commercial popularity; Kuanzhai Alley: located in the west of the Hotel, it is the name card of ancient Chengdu, and 2.7km from the Hotel; Tianfu Square: located in the west of the Hotel, it is the location of municipal government and a large modern square featured by the integration of transportation, travel and shopping. It is 1.2km from the Hotel; Temple of Marquis: the culture of Three Kingdoms, and it is 4km away from the Hotel; Jinli: it is 4km from the Hotel; Du Fus Thatched Cottage: it is 6km away from the Hotel; Jinsha Ruins: it is 8.4km away from the Hotel; Wangjianglou Park: it is 3.5 km away from the Hotel; Wangjianglou Park: it is 3.5 km away from the Hotel; Food: There are many famous delicacies of China time-honored brand: Zhongs Dumplings, Lais Rice Dumplings, Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce, Hans Steamed Stuffed Bun and Longs Meat Dumplings in Spicy Sauce on Chunxi Road. In addition, the fast food restaurants, numerous coffee cafes and tea houses, etc. such as Beijing Roast Duck, McDonald's, KFC, Pizza hut, Starbucks, Haagen-Dazs Bread Talk, Manchester United Restaurant, etc. are gathering nearby. Shopping: There is Pacific, Wangfujing, Renhe Spring, People's Department Store, Qingnian Road, Jiulong Plaza, Ito Yokado, Beijing Hualian, New Century and Isetan, etc., so it can be called a shopping heaven. Welcome to Jinjiang Inn Chengdu Wangfujing Chunxi Road, we provide you will safe, healthy, comfortable and professional hotel products, professional, pragmatic and sincere hotel services, as well as fresh and elegant hotel image!

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No. 30, Fuxing Street, Side Gate of Wangfujing, North Exit of Chunxi Road


30° 39' 49.32" N, 104° 5' 13.193" E


Telefon: 028-86700768

Fax: 028-86700768

E-Mail: cc@jj-inn.com

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Rund um die Jinjiang Inn Chengdu Chunxi Road Wangfujing

  • 省文联站(地铁4号线 规划中) 0.5 km
  • 太升路站(地铁4号线 规划中) 1 km
  • 春熙路站 1.3 km
  • 玉双路站(地铁4号线 规划中) 1.5 km
  • 东门大桥站 1.7 km
  • Chengdu Tourist Transportation & Service Center 2.4 km
  • 成都火车站 3.4 km
  • 成都站 3.8 km
  • 火车北站公交站 3.8 km
  • Chengdu Railway Station 3.9 km
  • Flughafen Chengdu-Shuangliu 17 km
  • Chengdu Zoo 5.6 km
  • Chengdu University 9.8 km
  • People's Park (South Gate) 2.9 km
  • Sichuan Museum 5.1 km
  • Sichuan Opera Theater 2.5 km
  • Chengdu Museum New Hall 2.3 km
  • Qingyang Palace (West Gate) 4.4 km
  • Chengdu Panda Museum 9.6 km
  • Wangjiang Pavilion Park 3.8 km
  • Culture Park (South Gate) 4.2 km
  • Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (South Gate) 6.8 km
  • Chengdu University of Technology (North Gate) 5.8 km
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