Jinjiang Inn Jinan Daming Lake

No. 11-2, Juqian Street, Tongyuan, Tianqiao District, Jinan, Shandong Province

Jinan China

By booking now on Jin Jiang website, you will get a 10% discount. Jinjiang Inn Jinan Daming Lake is located in the scenic zone The First Spring under Heaven in downtown (at the intersection between Minghu Road, Shaonian Road and North Baotuquan Road, at No. 11-2, Tongyuanju Qianjie Alley, to the west of Urban Ring River), boasting advantages geographic position and convenient transportation. It is 100m away from the front door of Daming Lake, 300m away from Wulongtan Park, 600m away from Spouting Spring Park, Quancheng Road, Furong Street and Quancheng Square, 800m away from Baihuazhou (Mingfu City, Qushuiting Street), 15-20 minutes drive to Jinan Railway Station (reaching directly by Bus Line 11), Jinan Coach Station (reaching directly by Bus Line K95) and West Jinan Railway Station (reaching directly by Bus Line K109), 500m away from Shandong People's Government, 1.5km away from Luoyuan Avenue, Grand View Garden, Wanda Shopping Center, Greenland Center Financial & Business Area, 2km away from various wholesale markets on Beiyuan Street, 4.5km away from Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center, and 500m away from Jinan No. 3 Vocational School. The Hotel is equipped with free parking lot and a meeting room that can hold 20-70 people. Staying in this Hotel, you can feel quiet in the noisy neighborhood and also the old Jinan charm from springs and twigs of every family, thus enjoying the convenience of business, travel, meeting and relaxation. We have business rooms and standard rooms specially designed for business people. In the business rooms, there are spacious writing places with all things required for mobile officing well prepared. For the purpose of making guests work full of energy the next day, the Hotel specially designs unit bathrooms for business people to relieve a day's fatigue; we also select the comfortable mattress, SOMERELLE quilt and SOMERELLE neck-protecting pillow to make you sleep through the night in one time; the whole room highlights humanized and specialized designs to make you feel the freshness and ease at home. In terms of security, our engineers have considered everything for you. All building parts of the Hotel is subjected to strict strength test, and infrared ray anti-theft system and all-rounded monitoring system have been established to make you stay at ease; in addition, all decoration and furniture have passed strict environmental protection test to ensure your health during stay; we also make great efforts to prepare the breakfast and according to calculation by nutritionist of Jinjiang Chef, more than 20 dishes can satisfy all-day nutrition demands, thus further guaranteeing your health. Welcome to Jinjiang Inn Jinan Daming Lake, and Jinjiang Inn is the best and happiest harbor in your travel.

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No. 11-2, Juqian Street, Tongyuan, Tianqiao District, Jinan, Shandong Province


36° 40' 13.806" N, 117° 0' 53.998" E


Telefon: 0531-86027999

Fax: 0531-86027999

E-Mail: cc@jj-inn.com

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