Jinjiang Inn Yantai Penglai Pavilion North Zhonglou Road

No. 141, North Zhonglou Road, Penglai, Yantai (Diagonally opposite to Penglai Bus Station)

Penglai China

By booking now on Jin Jiang website, you will get a 10% discount. Convenient transportation: 1. Bus Station: the Hotel is diagonally across the Penglai Bus Station, and only 3mins walk from there. 2. Passenger Terminal: Penglai Port Passenger Terminal (from Penglai to Changdao) is only 10mins walk from the Hotel. Business and recreation: 1. Party and government offices: the Hotel is only 5mins walk from Penglai Municipal Government and other agencies; 2. Shopping Center: Liqun Shopping Mall is beside the Hotel; 3. Food and Catering: there are many catering facilities around the Hotel, and KFC is beside the Hotel; 4. Financial Institution: Agricultural Bank of China is on the right side of the Hotel, and Rural credit Cooperative is opposite to the Hotel; 5. Plant and Mining Enterprise: the Hotel is only 10mins drive from Penglai Development Zone and other enterprise locations. Tourist Attractions: the Hotel is only 5mins walk from tourist attractions such as Penglai Pavilion, Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Sanxian Mountain and Bathing Beach., etc.; only 10 mins walk from Oceanic Polar World, Hometown of Qi Jiguang and other tourist attractions Hotel Features: 1. The Hotel has brand new fourth generation guest rooms, which are equipped with LCD TV and exclusive access to 100M optical network, fully meeting your business needs; 2. The Hotel has a large enclosed parking lot with 70 parking spaces provided free of charge and the supporting Xinglianxin Cafe, which provides nutritious, healthy and hearty breakfast as well as nutritious and delicious food developed by experts for breakfast, lunch and supper; 3. The Hotel has access to municipal heating supply, so it is warm like in spring even in winter. Adhering to Jinjiang Inn's high-quality, enthusiastic and professional standard services, brand concept of cleanness, comfort, safety and health, as well as service spirit of satisfying every customer, the Hotel provides you with a safe, comfortable and economical accommodation environment. Some rooms allow direct view of Penglai Pavilion and boasts quiet environment and fresh air and it also provides large enclosed parking lot, so it is an ideal place for businessmen and travelers to stay. Welcome to Jinjiang Inn Yantai Penglai Pavilion North Zhonglou Road.

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No. 141, North Zhonglou Road, Penglai, Yantai (Diagonally opposite to Penglai Bus Station)


37° 48' 59.035" N, 120° 45' 36.008" E


Telefon: 0535-3545555

Fax: 0535-3545555

E-Mail: cc@jj-inn.com

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